Aluminum Alloy Processing

Peters’ Heat Treating, Inc. is pleased to offer our customers and the market the addition of an Aluminum Alloy processing line. Our new line was designed to meet the growing demands of our customers in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Energy, Additive Manufacturers, and general industries.

Our equipment meets the AMS 2750 requirements and gives us the ability to process Aluminum Alloy Raw Material and Wrought Aluminum Alloy and Precision Parts to meet the requirements of AMS 2770, AMS 2771, AMS 2772, and MIL-H-6088 or our own in-house developed specifications among special processes.

This newly installed Aluminum processing capability was designed to support the industry demand for reduced lead time, equipment redundancy, and a one-stop shop for all your processing needs for Solution Heat Treat, including Aging (Precipitation Heat Treatment), Partial Annealing or Full Anneal, Cryogenic Stress Relief and Uphill Quenching utilizing various methods. We have the ability to quench with water ranging from 60°F to boiling, or a water and glycol mixture concentration.


  • AMS 2770
  • AMS 2771
  • AMS 2772
  • MIL-H-6088


  • Aging (Precipitation Heat Treat)
  • Partial Annealing or Full Anneal
  • Cryogenic Stress Relief
  • Uphill Quenching



  • Solution Furnace
    • 36W” x 36H” x 48L” maximum capacity
    • Up to 4,000 lb.
  • Quench tank
    • 300 lb. cold water quench
    • 1,000 lb. hot water quench
    • Cold or hot water up to boiling
    • Quenchants: water / glycol 15% or 40%
  • Aging Furnace
    • 72W” x 72H” x 50L” maximum capacity
      No weight restriction
  • Uphill Quench / (Cryo) Stress Relief
    • 36W” x 36H” x 48L” maximum capacity
    • Capable of processing from freeze to temper without opening the door or removing parts.
    • -300℉ and up to +1200℉
All furnaces including the quench tank are on data collection and charting.


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