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Peters’ Heat Treating featured on WJET’s ‘Made in America’

Peters’ Heat Treating boasts of more than 100 years of combined experience in the heat treating business. There is a lot of science that goes into heat treating, and owner Doug Peters knows a lot about that science. That’s why his business is one of the most respected in the heat treating industry.

Peters’ Heat Treating takes parts that are manufactured by other companies, and they thermally process them to improve their physical properties. By heating the steel, it alters the molecular structure to improve the strength of the steel. Heating it makes it denser. The more density you create in the microstructure, the longer the part lasts.

This business heat treats valves that go into nuclear reactors, components that go into airplanes, parts for transmissions, even parts for John Deere tractors. When you’re dealing with companies like that, quality control is front and center. Workers are reminded of that every day. The motto at Peters’ Heat Treat is ‘It’s not who’s right, it’s what’s right’.

Peters’ Heat Treating has 3 locations, the plant in McKean and two other in Meadville. From the company’s owners to the employees, they’re all proud to say quality is Made in America, Made Right Here.