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Doug Peters started a heat treating business in 1979 because that’s what his community needed. He knew nothing about it, but he was determined to solve this major problem for the tool and die makers who were the backbone of the economy in Meadville, Pennsylvania at the time. So, he brought in a heat-treating expert to teach him everything he knew about metallurgical and thermal processing and grew the business one furnace at a time.

That level of care for community and commitment to solving problems is what continues to make Peters’ Heat Treating such a valued partner to manufacturers across the region, becoming a seamless extension of their supply chain.

“Peters’ always goes that extra mile. You’re going to get everything you ever wanted and more, you’re going to get a partner in business.”

–Ann Brown, Production Manager at CONNEX Incorporated

Why Peters?

Quality & Accreditations

Job Tracking System

We Give a Hot Damn

Why Peters?

Quality & Accreditations

Job Tracking System

We Give a Hot Damn

Get Your Concept Analyzed by the Experts Before Machining so That You Get Exactly What You Need Without Wasting Time and Money

We approach heat treating as an integral part of your manufacturing process so that you don’t end up with surprises. To ensure you receive exactly what you need, our expert staff does a free pre-machining analysis of prints and concepts to identify solutions to save you time and money during manufacturing. For the same reason, we collaborate with our extensive supply network to coordinate additional processes when needed and provide value-added services such as part straightening.

We make it our job to understand your industry and offer solutions to overcome your unique manufacturing challenges. To offer the highest level of quality, our staff works with each client to select the proper procedures that will meet your application requirements.

Review Our Complete List of Processes

One of nine vacuum furnaces

Vacuum Processing

The latest in computerized state-of-the-art vacuum processing technology with nine vacuum furnaces.

Universal batch quench furnace line

Neutral Hardening

Our Meadville facility allows us to neutral harden larger parts and increased quantity.

Oil hard carburized parts in UBQ furnace


Carburizing or case hardening increases the surface hardness for better part toughness and ductility.

laser heat treating

Laser Heat Treating

The Laser Heat Treating processes include hardening, tempering, and annealing.

Processor loading nitrider

Gas Nitriding

NITREG® Gas Nitriding is available with 20,000 lb. capacity up to 138″ long.

Parts freshly out of the freezer


Increased the wear resistance of your steel via cryogenic processing

Join a Team That Gives a Hot Damn About You and Yours, Doing Meaningful Work in Support of American Manufacturing

“I really like to work at Peters because the atmosphere is incredible, the people are great, and there’s a lot of learning to be had.”

–Josh Bretz, Programmer & Operator for Laser Heat Treating