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Peters' Heat Treating, Inc. offers state of the art Nitreg® Controlled Gas Nitriding. The Nitreg® gas nitriding process can be applied to practically any grade of structural steel, many tool steel grades, and cast iron.

Nitriding is a highly specialized surface hardening treatment that produces a thin but high hardness case on a wide variety of steels. The significant advantage of nitriding over other surface hardening processes is that the case hardness is developed without quenching and subsequent distortion issues. Finishing operations can be eliminated or minimized.

The following list indicates steel grades that have been successfully processed in industrial conditions and field tested with favorable results.

  • Nitriding Steel: Nitralloy 135M, Nitralloy N and equivalents
  • High Speed Steels: AISI M2, M36, M42
  • Tool Steels: D2, H11, H13, A10, A2, S7
  • Carbon Steels: 1045, 1008, 1010, 1020, 1060
  • Alloy Steels: 4130, 4140, 4330V, 4340, 5130, 5140, 8620, and 9310
  • Cast Irons: Ductile, Grey

Nitride surfaces are extremely wear resistant and provide anti-galling properties. Nitriding also produces extended fatigue life and improves corrosion resistance. Other advantages include resistance to softening by temperatures up to the processing temperature (approximately 950F-1025F). Many of our customers have chosen Nitreg® as a replacement for carburizing, ion nitriding or salt bath nitriding, enjoying the invaluable benefits of no distortion and the elimination of costly finish grinding.

Typical applications include stampings, forgings, castings and machined components used in machinery, defense, aerospace, automotive, tool & die, oil drilling and mining.

Equipment Specifications:

  • Work Zone: 60.0” Diameter X 130.0”
  • Weight Capacity: 20,000 LBS
  • Gas Nitriding AMS

Process Capabilities:

  • NITREG® Nitriding
  • NITREC® - ONC (Nitriding with controlled oxidation)
  • NITREG® - C (FNC)
Nitriding Capacity

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